If you are using Git and Atlassian’s Stash, you need to be using Pull Requests (or invest in a ton of headache medicine).


Introduction Sometimes during a long running client project, you get to make a big exciting change that benefits you as a developer. Most of my career has been dedicated to helping clients evolve their projects by introducing new frameworks, migrating platforms, etc., all while continually developing new code to add long-desired functionality for their end […]

Within the field of Information Technology, trends commonly come and go due to their demand. Good ideas stick, while others get tossed to the wayside. At Isos Technology, we pride ourselves on being up-to-date with our practices, services, and tool suites. One of the biggest companies we do business with is Atlassian. This Australian based […]

So, you have a Spring MVC application that uses Spring Security for authentication and authorization. While your application is probably buckling under the weight of its own awesomeness, you can’t ignore the users clamoring to login to your application using their Google accounts. Assuming your application is already set up to use Spring Security, adding […]

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Last month our business partner Brikit held a webinar session on getting more value out of Atlassian’s Confluence. During the session Darryl Duke of Brikit talked about five strategies for addressing cultural factors that can inhibit broad user adoption of Confluence. He then illustrated how tools like Brikit’s Theme Press can help with those strategies. […]

If you’ve been using Spring Security at all, then you’re probably familiar with the PreAuthorize annotation, typically used in the following manner: But what makes @PreAuthorize even more useful is its support for Spring Expression Language (SpEL) to go beyond simple role checks. The following are a few examples of SpEL expressions that can harness […]

If your business uses Jira and you are trying to convince your team (and the backing business) to switch from Subversion to Git, you should also toss Stash into the mix. “But doesn’t that make it a harder sell?” The answer to that question is a definitive “maybe”.  If you approach it wrong, you will […]

Making the Eclipse basic implementation of the navigation drawer into something useful is kinda confusing. I’m really new to Android development, but after a little time fiddling around I was able to take the code that Eclipse gives you and turn it into something useful. Eclipse, with the android SDK installed, does a lot of the […]