This post will introduce Confluence Blueprints and how to build them using a simple example. As with previous posts on Atlassian plugin development–here and here–this uses the Atlassian SDK to develop a plugin (Add-On) that implements a Blueprint. Blueprints are a relatively new Confluence feature–in essence, they combine the power of Atlassian plugins with the […]

The Atlassian tools Stash and Bamboo allow users to configure auto-merging of source code. In my next two blogs I will give some details about this feature and discuss some pitfalls. For this demonstration I used the 3.1.3 version of Stash. Configuration The configuration of the auto-merge feature in Stash is as easy as it gets. […]

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Okay, this post has nothing to do with macramé and everything to do with Confluence Macros. Macros should be familiar to every Confluence user. They provide the rich content in the wiki that we all know and love. Macros are easy to use, thanks to the Macro Browser and the five different ways to launch it. […]

If you are new to Android development, you’re likely to be thrown for a loop when it comes to working with Fragments… more specifically, getting your fragments to retain user input when the state changes. Android provides a few different options for retaining application data. Details of how this is supposed to be done can […]

Overview Designers are often required to produce stunning screen concepts of mockups as well as screen wireframes on short notice, with an expectation of seeing results within hours and, if we’re lucky, we’re given a day or two. This is stressful, but a good designer has a toolkit available to them that they’ve put together […]

One of the more interesting developer tools I have come across is Google Maps API. It is very simple to use and incorporate into your web application if you need to specify a location or enable searching for a specific locations of things, whether they be stores, banks, libraries etc. I would talk about 2 […]

  As a Web / UX Designer, the ability to create practically anything imaginable is what keeps my passion alive. There really are no limitations, which is what drove me into this field in the first place. Granted there are certain conventions to still follow in order to keep things familiar for the users, but […]

Introduction When using a portal platform/app server such as Liferay, major version upgrades are a periodic fact of life. Having a set of standard steps to follow in migrating from one version to another is essential in easing the process and making it repeatable across environments–never do an upgrade in a production environment first, and […]