As part of Isos Techology’s Atlassian practice we help a lot of clients with their software version control systems, specifically with migrating from SVN to Git (or Stash).  In our experience, the Ruby based ‘svn2git‘ is the best tool for pulling off the majority of Subversion to Git migrations. The problem with using svn2git is […]

In one of my earlier engagements at a medical company, we came across a problem I’m sure a lot of people have run up against: an application with lots of static data stored in the database. This could be something you inherited or it was purposely designed that way for business purposes. Either way, you […]

Inheriting a codebase is almost always a dreaded experience. Just envisioning the table based layout, blank image spacers and inline styles is enough to give even the most seasoned designer nightmares and expletive laden thought bubbles. Don’t worry. If the client side renders with inline styles either from the original code or from a JavaScript […]

We’re settling back in after CS Week and preparing for a hot summer here in Arizona, where temperatures (and utility bills) are sure to soar. One thing that stood out at this year’s event was the buzz around deregulation and its impact on the industry as a whole. In fact, I recently reviewed the results […]

Remote publishing of Liferay CMS content is relatively straightforward when the remote (target) server is directly accessible from the source (staging) server. But what if the two servers are separated behind their own Apache instances and load balancers? A bit more configuration is required. Scenario Consider a 3-tier architecture as shown below, hosted in Amazon’s […]

Continuing with the turbo install: I went with the Glowshift oil filter sandwich to hang the sender for my oil pressure gauge and feed the turbo (20mm 1.5 thread). Just make sure to use teflon paste and not tape to seal the pipe threads: Here’s the FM manifold and inconel studs before re-assembling after porting […]

Tomcat Maven Plugin I’m one of those people who feels that if there are more than 3 steps in setting up a project, there’s more work to do. I remember one place I worked at started out with a one week setup period before you were expected to have the project up and running. It […]

Why Support IE8?

Even with Microsoft sunsetting Windows XP support, we will still need to support IE8 for the foreseeable future.