Taking Notes & Reminders If you aren’t taking notes, you’re doing it wrong! Write everything down, either by hand or digital device. I keep a number of Moleskin™s of different sizes and flavors for different uses. Meeting notes, diagrams, sketching, wireframing, instant scrap paper to jot something down and hand to someone. My phone is […]

Incorporating telecommuting into core company culture helps to create more adaptive and productive teams.

A glimpse at how one of Isos’ Atlassian experts became part of the Isos company culture…

Choosing the right CSS to use in a web application development project is an art requiring careful consideration.

Trying to prevent duplicate form submissions in web application development is a problem as old as the web and is often overlooked. Unfortunately, when overlooked it may enrage your unsuspecting user trying to speed up your slow application by mashing form submit buttons. There are many ways to approach this problem. Discussed here is one […]

When done right, agile development can provide work-life benefits beyond just meeting project goals.