How were the rules and scoring for the Isos blogs decided upon? Read on to find out.

Zen is a powerful tool to help you get the most out of Confluence. Continue on to find out why.

We finished up our last post having a rather lame Facebook application. Now we’ll use RestFB to do something more interesting for our users. Making it real When Facebook posts to our application, it tacks on a request parameter named signed_request, the value of which contains the information required to identify the user as well […]

In a few short steps, we’re going to create a minimally viable Facebook Canvas application using Spring Tool Suite (STS) and Spring Roo. Do some stuff on Facebook Sign up to be a Facebook developer: Go to Click Register Now Once signed up as a Facebook developer, click on the Apps link on the […]

Introduction Atlassian provides its products such as Jira, Confluence, and Crowd with useful REST APIs for tapping into the content and data of Atlassian products from external programs and scripts, augmenting Atlassian plugin development. In this post we will briefly look into the REST APIs provided by Atlassian and explore how to build your REST […]