I recently ran into a requirement on one of my consulting assignments where I was required to include multiple EntityManagers in my application. Since I had never come across this before, I did some research and, much to my dismay, there were a lot of solutions that were either incorrect, incomplete or just didn’t work […]

If you didn’t make it to the Atlassian Summit this year, be sure to mark your calendar for next year. The annual event put on by Atlassian is as fun as it is informative. These guys really do put on a great show! Here’s some of what you missed. PRODUCT ANNOUNCEMENTS There were some fantastic […]

This was my second time attending Atlassian’s Summit and I have to admit I was pretty excited! A chance to spend a full week in San Francisco, walking the streets and taking in the crazy scenes, and great restaurants. I was even more excited that I didn’t have to pack a single collared shirt or […]

ATLASSIAN CONFLUENCE 6.1 with new Confluence Blueprints was announced during the Keynote Speach at Atlassian Summit. Of note is the new Knowledgebase & Team Space Blueprints. While the new team space is self explanatory, this doesn’t make it any less useful. The knowledge base is also going to be a great application of Confluence for knowledge […]

So it’s been a couple of weeks since Atlassian Summit and I am finally getting a chance to share my experience for those who weren’t able to go as well as open the dialog for those who did. This was my first time going to Summit but I have been to other industry conferences, so […]

Before we get to the why, let’s start with the what. In this case the what is, “what is Gradle.” In the simplest terms Gradle is a Groovy based build automation tool that sits in the middle ground between Ant and Maven. I know there are dogmatic users of Ant or Maven having a meltdown […]

After we configure a well-structred Maven layout for our Liferay project, we will create a simple Spring MVC portlet. You may ask, “Why use Spring MVC and not extend one of the Liferay implementations (e.g. LiferayPortlet or MVCPortlet)?” It’s easy – why restrict your portlet to only run on Liferay? It does not make sense. […]

Unit testing has long been considered a critical part of the development cycle for Java developers, especially those practicing test-driven development or Agile methodologies. This should be no different when using a portlet framework such as Spring Portlet MVC.  This post will discuss a few examples of writing unit tests for testing various Spring Portlet […]

One of the best parts about implementing a Content Management System (CMS) is putting the power of content creation and editing in the hands of the content owner. Historically, websites or intranets are updated by the content owner sending content changes via email to a developer, designer or web content manager. Followed by edits after […]

How can switching instant messaging (IM) platforms change anything? Don’t they all do roughly the same thing? This is what I was saying before we adopted HipChat a few months ago. I had read all of the rave reviews, watched Pete Curley champion his baby at last year’s Summit…and yet I was still skeptical. Our […]