In the first part of JSON libraries series I talked about the benefits and drawbacks of Dojo. The next library I will tackle is jQuery. SETUP The setup for jQuery is pretty simple. You download the js files. You reference the js files in your JSP. That’s pretty much it. Here is a basic example […]

Since the dreary days of JDBC the Java community has developed a myriad ways of persisting data to a relational datastore. I’m going to spend the next few paragraphs taking a look at a few of the better options out there. But first a little history… Objection Relational Mapping (ORM) has been around for more […]

In a previous post, “Developers & Designers: a Match Made in Heaven“, David Wierbiki explained how an environment with designers and developers working together (rather than in their own silo) is imperative for successful application development. I’d like to expand on that concept and explain misconceptions of designers. I’d also like to cover how to […]

Allow me to preface this blog entry with the statement that I am not a user experience expert. My skills fall more on the development side of the fence. I am perfectly happy with a simple white screen and black text, or preferably a black background and green text. Why am I mentioning this? Well, […]

It has been said many times that good pieces of software are the result of a developer ‘scratching that itch’. While we here at Isos Technology love every part of Atlassian’s full suite of software solutions, like any long time affair little idiosyncrasies can get really irritating over time. Heck, some of the issues we […]

Liferay recently added documentation on using Maven for the development of Liferay plugins. The full documentation can be found here: I want to go through a few issues I noticed when following the instructions to set up the Maven environment. The code and configuration files can be found at ADD PROFILES TO YOUR […]

INTRODUCTION One of the features you normally set up as part of your portlet, particularly if it contains content that is processor intensive, is content caching.  Luckily for us, the portlet specification defines caching mechanisms most portal vendors should support.  One of these caching strategies is the expiration cache.  Though it doesn’t give fine grain […]

Administering your audiences and various sites through Liferay can be a challenging task if not properly planned out at the beginning of a project. Known as Information Architecture, or IA, the practice of planning and organizing a sites, audiences, resources, content and flow is too often an overlooked step in website development. There are millions […]

This post will discuss data validation approaches in Spring 3, specifically form validation in a SpringMVC context. Prior to Spring support of JSR-303 bean validation, validating data, specifically form data, in Spring applications was often an ad-hoc process. Custom validation logic needed to be written in controller classes, within beans, or via JavaScript on the […]

It has become quite apparent over the years that I have an interesting “gift”. It’s not the obvious agility in logic and reasoning required to be a successful software engineer. I am instead referring to my ability to misplace pretty much anything. My brother used to joke that if you wanted to get rid of […]