I was playing around recently with X-editable, specifically X-editable for Bootstrap, and I’ve found it to be quite a nice way to introduce inline editing to any Bootstrap application. Since I was using this in a SpringMVC application, I found myself adding controller methods similar to this: This method would back a single X-editable field […]

Jira Mobile Connect is a library provided by Atlassian to enable application communication directly with Jira. Just enable the Plugin in your Jira instance and start creating feedback from your application, have conversations with the user and report on crashes. Jira Mobile Connect is an open source library and is currently available for iOS. FEATURE […]

As a platform for portals, Liferay is inherently open to social activity. By default users have the ability to comment on pages, post on forums, have public profiles and connect to social networks. This blog will explore tips for ‘locking down’ Liferay for more limited social activity, which may be an important consideration for building […]

WANT MVC? Are you still using plain vanilla portlets and want to catch up with the rest of the modern web development world? Then it’s time to move on to using a Model-View-Controller framework. SpringMVC is one of the most popular and actively maintained model view controller frameworks available today. In case you’ve been living […]

Why use personas in software and web development?

Why Personas? In user experience (UX) and interactive design (IxD), personas give a baseline to determine how a specific user base will use any given site. Originally, they were developed and used only by large marketing firms to help them better understand the demographics of their clients so they could specifically market products and achieve […]

The Issue with Relational Databases The so-called NoSQL databases are starting to take the development world by storm. Developers and end-users are looking for ways to use and scale data in ways not accommodated by traditional SQL relational data stores. It can be a sickening thought to have to learn yet another way of implementing […]

If you work in DevOps with FishEye and Crucible (FE/C) on a daily basis, one of your constant struggles is dealing with the indexing performance of these tools. A quick win to boost performance is to have a copy of your source code repository on the same physical server as the FE/C instance. For those […]

First, I have a strong opinion about the term “the fold” when used with websites. I believe that there’s a huge misconception about the importance of elements “above the fold.” I don’t think that’s a relevant excuse to make changes to the way a web page is laid out. The term originated in the newspaper […]

How many times have you had a way of implementing something buried under layers of classes/source code that’s fairly impossible to explain, understand and much less remember months down the road? Usually it starts with a question that goes something like, “Hey Bob, how does that rule for TPS reports get applied?” Or worse yet, […]

Over the years in my work as a consultant, I’ve worked with several companies that were looking to convert their legacy systems to a web-based solution. Once they selected Java (great choice!) as their language, their next question is usually, “What Java framework should we use?” In my experience, it usually comes down to Struts […]