The products of Atlassian are widely used and respected tools for Agile software development and management. From developer tools such as Bamboo, Stash and Crucible to project management and collaboration tools such as Jira, Confluence, and Greenhopper (now Jira Agile), they are at the heart of many a contemporary software development project–projects large and small. […]

On November 9th the Chandler-Gilbert Community College held on of this years Desert Code Camp. I presented a short application development talk introducing UI development using YUI3. There is always a big discussion around the JavaScript libraries you should use including the pros and cons of each, why you should use one over the other […]

I recently attended Desert Code Camp as an application development Presenter. My presentation topic was Spring Data and MongoDB. I thought I would share a little bit of experience and a little background and history that helped lead up to the event. I was 15 years old when I first experienced what it was like […]

I wanted to take a quick break from my normal routine of writing portal blogs and write about my visit to Desert Code Camp on November 9th. It was a long Saturday, but I got a chance to unwind a bit, hang out and support my good friends at Isos and get exposed to some […]

The Atlassian Users Group (AUG) has returned to Las Vegas, and Isos Technology is leading the charge.

Quality Assurance (QA) is an indispensable component in the success of any Agile Development project. QA is the safety net barrier between the development team and the end user.  It provides a much-needed step between an application being in development and the end user encountering in-development glitches, issues or outright failures. That is a seriously […]

We at Isos recently had a need to test working with multiple minions in Salt Stack. The example provided by renoirb on GitHub is a good example on how to use one Vagrantfile to spin up a master and a minion with pre-seeded keys. I found there are some critical steps that are not discussed. I had to spend […]

Isos Geek Nights, in general, have garnered increasing interest among the Isos team as more sessions have been added. Having a wide range of topics often falling outside the general day-to-day activities of our team combined with the natural curiosity of technologists has fueled this support for Geek Nights. Ed Bukoski’s talk on using Groovy […]

Although Atlassian Crowd is central to many enterprise deployments of the Atlassian stack, it seems like Crowd is the forgotten sibling in the Atlassian family of products. While every Atlassian product is constantly being refreshed and upgraded, after years of being in existence Crowd is still sitting at version 2.7. Stash is not even 2 […]