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Recap Webinar

Speakers from Isos Technology

Michael March

Michael brings visionary thinking and practical business experience to his role as Head of Atlassian Services at Isos Technology. With a strong, proven track record of forward-thinking solutions to business concerns, Michael brings invaluable tools for success wherever he goes. This legacy of solution expertise is an asset to all existing and future Isos Technology clients.

Tracy Walton

Tracy has a passion for leading teams, product expertise, and 10 years of hands-on experience in Agile software development in a variety of products and industries, including Digital Marketing, Customer Relationship Management, Subscription Billing and Compensation analysis. She is also certified as a Scrum Master and Life Coach. She uses these skills and passions to providing functional leadership and coaching in Atlassian engagements for Isos Technology.

Rodney West

Rodney has 20 years of experience in software architecture, engineering and technical project management. He has worked across a variety of enterprises, including construction, finance, healthcare, and education. At Isos Technology, he devotes his time to functional leadership in Atlassian engagements and editorial leadership over written content.

Danny Riley

As Vice President of Business Development at Isos Technology, Danny Riley brings a rare combination of software development, technical sales and business development experience to the role. Danny's unique skillset as a proven software developer and technical sales expert has played a large part in the development of Isos Technology as a successful technical solutions provider and indispensable asset for Isos Technology's clients.

Lia Wood

Lia Wood brings first hand experience in what makes businesses tick and robust sales skills to her role as a Business Development Specialist at Isos Technology. Lia has honed her ability to work closely with businesses, analyzing individual needs, inner workings and desired paths of growth to tailor solutions that would benefit clients in both the short term and long term.

Mary Ramirez

Mary Ramirez is one of the primary problem solvers for long term Atlassian clients. She brings strong Atlassian and technical skills along with extensive help desk experience to our clients’ aid. She is involved in a wide range of organizations that bring education and opportunities in technology to those who might otherwise be missed.

Jaime Romero

As part of the engineering team at Isos Technology, Jaime Romero is the go-to for coding, scripting and software engineering issues. Jaime began his career as a software development intern for Isos, and quickly proved his strong foundational skills and an eagerness to learn. It was a very simple decision to bring him on as a core part of the engineering team after his internship. He has continued to demonstrate and grow his skills in working in the Atlassian ecosystem, whether engineering custom integrations, maintaining Atlassian Marketplace apps or expanding the functionality of the internal tools Isos Technology uses in our technical engagements with clients.

Larry Cummings

An Atlassian Consultant and an Atlassian Certified Trainer at Isos, Larry loves how Atlassian powers collaboration. He helps organizations share, cooperate and collaborate in alignment with the organization's mission. That's a fancy way of saying he makes this real by concentrating on the community dynamic required to make that mission happen. Larry enjoys working with product development teams, helping find the right balance between the people that use new systems, and the machines that are used to build the new system.

JoJo Salazar

JoJo Salazar provides the social media voice of Isos Technology. If you follow any of the Isos social media channels, JoJo has spoken to you. As a marketing specialist, you can also find her helping with our brand strategy, working booths as an event ambassador and crafting videos and photos as our resident photographer.

Thad West

As a Co-Founder and CEO of Isos Technology, Thad West is responsible for overall vision, strategy and execution of the business. Thad brings his diverse technology background, business acumen and strong leadership skills to these roles.

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