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Our Atlassian Fast Track Program delivers results, you guessed it… fast!

  • Get your burning Atlassian and Jira questions answered by an Expert now

  • Get Atlassian Expert help to fix what’s broken and solve your top priorities in only one week

  • Have an Expert review your Atlassian environment to help with best practices and adoption

  • Get an Expert strategy report with recommendations for other areas where you can improve usage and processes around the tools

  • Finally get your Atlassian shop in order so you can get back to business, making progress and finding your Atlassian ‘nirvana’

The Atlassian Fast Track Action Plan


What’s Included

In just a week, our Atlassian Experts will work with you and your team to identify, prioritize and resolve your top Atlassian and Jira priorities.

  • We roll up our sleeves and solve your top problems across any and all of the Atlassian tools
  • A review of your current Atlassian environment including processes, system integration points, add-ons, legacy systems, and more
  • A discussion of your unique business environment, your toughest challenges and best practices to help you overcome obstacles

The 50-Hour Plan

  • Step 1: Four days of interactive sessions at your location with our Atlassian Solutions Architect or Process/Development Expert
  • Step 2: Our Atlassian Experts work off-site to create your strategy report
  • Step 3: A joint review of your strategy report with your team and a discussion of next steps

The Fast Track Program Price

  • $9,500.00 Flat Fee
  • Pricing includes travel anywere in the Continental U.S.

The Results

Our expert team will Fast Track your top Atlassian and Jira priorities, as well as provide a strategy report which includes:

  • A roadmap of future project iterations and milestones 
  • License reviews and realigning your product support end dates to simplify budgeting, remove redundancies and potentially reduce costs
  • Recommendations for process improvements and application best practices

What Clients Say About Our 1-Week Atlassian Fast Track Program

“We have a lot invested in Atlassian but I’m the only admin, and our boards were starting to stack up with issues we just could not figure out how to resolve. The Isos Technology team came in, dove deep fast and helped us resolve every nagging priority issue that was holding us back, plus several larger issues that will optimize our process and costs going forward. Best week ever.”

Matt P., Senior Developer, Jira Software Admin
SaaS Software Company

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