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Get Your Development Organization Running at Peak Performance

Software runs the world. In many cases, it can give you a competitive edge and keep business moving forward faster. But the same software development projects that fuel the business can also get complicated fast—for many reasons—often throwing the project off requirements, off budget and off timelines.

Missteps and misunderstandings between the business and IT teams further complicate the challenge. And it all impacts your ability to consistently deliver quality projects on time, on budget and on requirements.

Does your team struggle with common software development challenges such as:

  • My team doesn’t fully understand the business goals.
  • Our stakeholders are not adequately involved.
  • Collaboration and communication is completely broken.
  • Most projects are delivered late and over budget.
  • We spend too much time on rework and fixing redundancies.
  • We don’t leverage requirements from one project to the next.
  • Business requirements are changed too often.

Improve the Quality, Consistency and Success of Every Software Project

If you’re ready to consistently improve the quality and success rate of your software development efforts, you’ve come to the right place. Our easy Discovery Workshop is designed to let our experts quickly uncover what’s broken and create a real-world action plan with quick wins as well as longer-term recommendations to get your team on the road to success.

What’s Included

In just a week, our dive into your development organization will get key questions answered to ensure you’re using the right processes and tools for your business, in the right way – all to improve predictability of success.

  • A review of your current software development environment including process, database, ALM tools, plugins, legacy systems, and more.
  • A discussion of your unique business environment, your toughest development challenges and best practices to help you overcome.
  • A final review with findings and recommendations for all of your project stakeholders.

The Results

Our expert team will provide a complete Discovery Report containing:

  • Recommendations for process improvements including how agile methodologies can play a role.
  • Recommendations on ALM tools, data management, system integrations and plugin enhancements.
  • Recommendations for development best practices and product training.
  • Recommendations on how to improve communication and collaboration between IT and business stakeholders.
  • Recommendations on future project iterations, milestones and estimates.
  • License reviews and sync end date recommendations to optimize tool usage, remove redundancies and potentially reduce costs
  • Overall system audit
  • Best practices gaps

The Action Plan

  • 2 half-day sessions at your location with our Atlassian Solutions Architect and Process/Development Expert
  • 50 hours of Isos Technology consulting to develop a findings and recommendations report
  • Findings discussion and follow up / next steps

How to Sign Up

  • Complete the form
  • We’ll respond with a simple Discovery Questionnaire, complete the Questionnaire and email it back
  • Upon receipt of your completed questionnaire, we’ll contact you to schedule your two half-day sessions


$9,500 Flat Fee — this includes travel to anywhere in the continental United States


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