$4B Social Media Company Selects Isos Technology for Major Atlassian Enterprise Rollout

Unique Method for Atlassian Product Deployment Selected to Provide a Worldwide Organization with Increased Product Availability and Security

(Tempe, Ariz. September 12, 2017) –Isos Technology, an Atlassian Platinum and Enterprise Solution  Partner and a leading provider of IT consulting services and training, announced today that it was  selected by one of the largest worldwide social media organizations to perform an enterprise rollout of  the Atlassian toolset. This rollout included a deployment of JIRA Data Center, Confluence Data Center,  and JIRA Service Desk to Google Cloud Platform for the company, which is comprised of 2,500  employees and boasts over 150 million active users of its social media platform.

The unprecedented growth of the company spurred several new business objectives, including 24X7  availability for a global workforce and enhanced network security measures. The Isos team transferred  all relevant data from the Google G Suite to the Atlassian products so that every department within the  organization, including engineering, human resources, marketing, finance, and the IT help desk, is now  able to take advantage of the collaborative power of the Atlassian stack. This wide scale adoption by the  company’s workforce has enabled both engineering and business teams to move processes into a  visible, consolidated support portal. Most significantly, Isos deployed the Atlassian products to Google  Cloud Platform with a BeyondCorp implementation to ensure all users have access to the products  without a VPN, but with VPN-quality security. To learn more about deploying the Atlassian tools on  Google Cloud Platform, download Isos Technology’s whitepaper at  www.isostech.com/gcp-whitepaper/.

“I’m extremely proud to say that the Isos team performed the first-ever deployment of the Atlassian Data  Center stack to Google Cloud Platform on an enterprise scale,” said Thad West, CEO of Isos  Technology. “To be able to successfully provide our client with a highly-secure version of Atlassian  products, all while venturing into unchartered technical territory, was both challenging and rewarding. It  was also a pleasure to work with a talented, intelligent team who quickly adopted and welcomed the  Atlassian toolset. They recognized the benefits of these products immediately, and were able to launch  them in a very short timeframe. This allowed for optimal results very quickly within their company.”

Isos Technology is a leading provider of IT consulting services and training, as well as a premier  Atlassian Platinum and Enterprise Solution Partner. Isos leverages the Atlassian tools and ecosystem to  help its clients meet strategic objectives and streamline collaboration. Isos also has a strong software  development team that delivers custom solutions across a wide array of industries to help solve some of  the toughest business problems. The company’s management team and software engineers all share  their expertise on the corporate blog as well as Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and Facebook. For more  information, visit www.isostech.com.