Isos Technology is an Atlassian Enterprise Expert. We're helping our clients with Atlassian product installations and upgrades, business process mapping, agile overhauls, maintenance strategies, general best practices, and custom plugin development.

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Whether you're new to Atlassian's products or have been running them for years, understanding what tools to use how, when and where takes experience. Our Atlassian Discovery Workshop starts with 2 half-day sessions to get key questions answered, from process to technical details. The Isos team works closely with your technical and business teams to craft a comprehensive report that becomes the blueprint for making the Atlassian toolset work for you.

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Atlassian JIRA Software and JIRA Core Support Consulting

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Not only does Isos use JIRA Software for IT project management and software development cycles, our team also has deep expertise in the entire Atlassian toolset.

Better still, we can evaluate your current (or planned) use of JIRA Software and JIRA Core to help validate, enhance and/or correct how your team is leveraging agile and the tools today, so you can drive even faster, better outcomes tomorrow.


Agile for JIRA helps you maximize the power of Agile. As an easy add-on, Agile for JIRA facilitates agile development whether you're an expert, novice,or anyone in between.

Agile for JIRA lets you create and estimate stories so you can develop a sprint backlog, identify team commitment and velocity, visualize activity and report on team progress. With Agile for JIRA, Agile development has never been so easy.

Agile for JIRA


Capture for JIRA

If your team is militant about delivering quality software, then Capture for JIRA (formerly Bonfire) is an essential tool for you. With Capture for JIRA your team can quickly, consistently and accurately raise bugs.

The reality is that bugs are far easier to reproduce when they have been raised with Capture for JIRA. Your engineers can spend more time fixing and less time trying to reproduce them because of an inadequate bug report.


Your customers are number one. They expect a great experience with your company no matter what the issue, and your business depends on it today more than ever. isos can help you uncover new ways to transform the customer service experience from beginning to end.

Our team will design and implement an integrated JIRA Service Desk solution so it's tightly connected with your service workflows and mission-critical systems.

Deliver a stellar customer experience through every touch-point, every time

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Confluence: the Power of Content, Collaboration & Sharing

atlassian confluence consulting services

Confluence simplifies and speeds how teams share content, and connect and collaborate with co-workers to get more work done faster.

The result? You stop sinking in email and are able to prevent unnecessary meetings so you can make everyday productive.


Managing teams is no small feat, but Team Calendars for Confluence (formerly Atlassian Team Calendars) give you one place for everything you need to keep projects on schedule. Share and manage leave time, track JIRA projects, plan events and more.

Team Calendars for Confluence help connect Confluence and JIRA Software/Core/Service Desk activities like no other tool.

Team Calendars for Confluence


SharePoint Connector for Confluence

Bring together the power of SharePoint and SharePoint Connector for Confluence (formerly Atlassian SharePoint Connector) with compelling features such as federated search, bi-directional content embedding, and single sign-on.

Your team can combine free-form content creation and collaboration with SharePoint strengths of document and workflow management.


Transform or customize your Confluence Wiki with ease. With an unrivaled theme designer, a gallery of free designs, and mobile support, designing has never been easier. Learn what else Theme Press has to offer.

Brikit Theme Press: Beautify your Wiki

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Atlassian FishEye: Source History in One Safe Place

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File history is usually easy, but finding project history can be a whole other story. Until now. No longer is finding the branch you commited your fix to or hunting down missing files a wasteful time drain.

Atlassian FishEye sees all. Now you can see everything about your code and easily find source code artifacts – all integrated seamlessly into JIRA Software/Core/Service Desk. Browse your commits, files, revisions and people with ease.


Everyone knows code reviews help you ship the best code possible. Of course code reviews are great, but everyone also knows executing the practice can be more than painful. Atlassian Crucible is the antidote.

Atlassian Crucible: Cleaner for Your Source Code

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Atlassian Bamboo: Continuous Integration and Release Management

atlassian bamboo consulting services

Now your team can go further faster with automated building, testing, deploying and release cycles.

Managed agents that run on-premise or in the cloud help you scale instantly. Seamless integration with JIRA Software/Core/Service lets you create a complete release workflow or work with Bamboo directly from your IDE.


Atlassian Clover offers the analysis and key metrics needed to help your team balance the work efforts between writing useful code, and testing code.

Running in your IDE or continuous integration system, Clover includes Test Optimization so your tests run faster and fail faster so you can focus on the fixes.

Atlassian Clover: Optimal Code Coverage Plus Java

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DVCS Solutions: Stash: Easy Git Repository Management

atlassian stash consulting services

Setup and maintain repositiories, determine fine-grained permissions, and collaborate on code quickly and securely with Atlassian Stash. Stash sits behind the firewall and power easy Git repository management.


Now you can host code online in as many public and private repositories as you like – Atlassian offers free 5-user tier accounts!

Code and project manage with confidence: Atlassian Bitbucket gives you built-in issue trackers, wikis, code comments, and pull requests from one integrated place.

DVCS Solutions: Bitbucket: Team-based Git and Mercurial Hosting

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Atlassian Hipchat: Ignite the power of Teamwork

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As a private hosted chat and IM service for your entire company or specific teams, HipChat lets you connect and share in real time through persistent group chat rooms. Seamlessly integrated with the entire Atlassian toolset, launching HipChat means you can finally get your teams and entire company off of various tools such as AIM, Google Talk and Skype – and finally standardize on one powerfully useful solution. HipChat is built for business.